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Sushi Rice Bowl

Make your own Sushi Rice Bowl without the hassle of going to the store or restaurant! Our bowl is packed with rice, veggies, protein of choice, and yummy sauces!


  • – 2 cups SmartRice
  • – 1 cucumber
  • – 1 avocado
  • – 1 full sized carrot
  • – 1 tbsp. of sesame seeds
  • – 1 can of imitation crab
  • – Nori


  • – Rinse and cook your SmartRice.
  • – While your rice is cooking, prepare your toppings. This can differ based on preference, we used cucumbers, avocados, carrots, and imitation crab. Dice up cucumbers, slice avocados, shred carrots, and chop your imitation crab.

  • – Layer on your sushi toppings, including nori as a side.

  • – Drizzle your sriracha mayo sauce on top of your bowl.
  • – Sprinkle sesame seeds onto the top.
  • – Enjoy!

SmartRice® is Good for You and Good for the Earth.

Rice – the most consumed calorie around the world and the second-highest in worldwide production. And yet, this most ancient of grains can offer the latest sustainable solution for even greater production on fewer acres reducing the need for chemicals, energy and water. It can – if that rice is SmartRice®. Developed through classical breeding, coupled with computer-aided trait selection, SmartRice® is better rice. It has the smallest carbon footprint of all commercially grown rice, thanks to a higher photosynthetic rate and naturally-occurring pest and disease tolerance, requiring less water, nitrogen and pesticides. SmartRice® is helping foster optimized on-farm growing practices to increase the appeal of America’s rice crop both domestically and overseas. Selecting SmartRice® as your preferred rice ingredient is the sustainable choice.

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