SmartRice® is a Sustainable Choice

Today’s consumers are hungry for sustainability. They’re demanding more environmental common sense out of everything they buy – including the food they put on their tables; even the food they feed their pets. That’s precisely what SmartRice® delivers. SmartRice® is already producing more rice using less land and other resources. Smart Rice® has the smallest carbon footprint of any commercially grown rice, and SmartRice® is naturally bred to be unique. Nothing on your consumers’ plates – or their palates – rivals SmartRice®. Your customers are demanding sustainable products from you. SmartRice® can be a key ingredient in satisfying those demands. Offer your customers smarter choices. Demand SmartRice® for your products. Make SmartRice® your preferred rice ingredient.

> 50% less water consumption.
> 50% less carbon emissions.
> 20% less land usage.

SmartRice is good for you and good for the earth! Learn more at

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